About RentMeBaltimore.com

The company was freshly formed in early 2011 by two partners, Hugh "the Chairman" and John "Blue", to discover and develop undervalued real property for income and capital appreciation.

Hugh "The Chairman"   Email Hugh

"Chairman" is a native Marylander from the suburbs of Washington D.C. and was born into a real estate family. He is an undergraduate of the University of Maryland, College Park in International Business. His experience comes from Finance, Technology, and Military sectors. As a American patriot, he believes that all men (and women) should pursue their "unalienable Rights,...among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."

John "Blue"   Email John

"Blue" is originally a small town country boy from upstate New York. He is an undergraduate of Cornell University in the field of Biometrics and Statistics. He has extensive experience in business dealings in the "Dot Com" industry and is a distinguished technology author. Small town no more, its B-more for Blue!